It’s all about the finishing touches & going the extra mile…

The finishing touches on any printed project help set it apart and speak volumes about quality. It’s not until this finishing stage that a print product takes its final form. Our skilled craftsmen take great pride in seeing the job come to completion.

After leaving the press, all of our finishing is done in our bindery department including cutting, folding, collating, scoring, perforating and booklet stitching. We also offer perfect binding, die cutting, embossing and foil stamping.

At Lithoprint, we understand how important it is that the project is finished accurately. That’s why we operate our in-house bindery department.

Plus, we have the air-conditioned storage facilities to keep your large projects in our warehouse; and, can mail out the portions of your projects to your desired locations on demand. We also have the ability to custom imprint collateral for multiple locations, trade shows, conventions or marketing campaigns.

Let us make your job easier by providing the services you need to make your project a success!

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